• Any diet works if you stick to it...but the Special K diet really isn't sustainable (eating nothing but Special K for two meals) and it's mostly a way for the cereal company to sell their product.
  • No, in the long run its a recipe for disaster. Doesn't sustain hunger long enough so eventually you crash and binge. Try a good diet high in protein. Or replace your breakfast cereal with a good whey protein shake. They're pretty yummy with vanila soy milk.
  • I tried it for 2 wks and lost 5 pounds, but it was probably because I stayed The best way to loose weight is to fill up on water before meals and snack on raw veggies. Don't forget to add some extra activities into your routine. I work 3rd shift and do 10-15 minute power walks throughout the night. The excercise you do doesn't have to be all at one time. Good Luck!!
  • A guy I went to college with tried the special k diet for 6 months and loss 75 lbs.
  • The Special K diet has worked for a family member (47 pounds in 4 months). I tried it for a week but didn't find Special K as filling as Honey Nut Cheerios. Honey Nut doesn't seem to work for a diet plan. But it's probably lowering my cholestrol better than Special K.
  • i can't do that. I'd be starving all day. then what happens is you end up eating more!
  • I tried the special K diet for 4 weeks last year before going to a wedding and i dropped 2 dress sizes (dont know how much in weight as i didnt weigh myself) i wasnt bored as there is many varieties of special K you can eat nor was i hungry as you can have snacks in between meals like a special K bar or fruit or a low-fat yoghurt, i also drunk plenty of water and to be honest i didnt really give up my alcohol intake either, so i mean this diet does work for some people.
  • For 3 wks in June 2007, every day, I ate 4 portions of Special K with skimmed milk and fresh fruit, lots of water and lemon tea and evening dinner was always masses of veg or salad with chicken or pork or tuna. (and every saturday eve I had a large glass of red wine!!) I lost a stone with no trouble and felt really well and healthy and I didnt do a single minutes excercise or anything out of my normal routine. I did it again after my holiday for just 2 weeks and lost 7lbs and then again after Xmas and again lost 7 lbs with no trouble. I did it again for 3 wks this summer. Its not the Special K that does it its simply cutting out 3 rounds of hot buttered toast for breakfast, biccies with milky coffee for break and pasties etc for lunch. But the special K makes it easy cos no calorie counting or weighing and measuring etc. You need will power but it works if u stick with it
  • ive been on this diet for 2 days, and i cant make it all day at work with just 2 bowls of special k, i need to eat sum fruit as well. I'm not sure how long this diet will work, but I have a feeling that its only a way for the company to make lots of money and its gunna end up that I eat massive dinners and ruin the whole diet!
  • Sure cleans your colon, I passed a cheeseburger from third grade : )
  • I have been doing this diet for 4 days and have lost 2.5lbs already. It is hard with feeling hungry some of the time but you have to have the will power. You are only ment to do this diet for 2 weeks to kick start the weight loss and life style change it does state that on there website. I would suggest it if you find it hard to start losing weight as it realy does make a difference i am already noticing a difference and am feeling healthier in a way. I still have my choccy i have 2 jaffa cakes as a snack and a timeout finger for a change. As long as you snacks are under 100calories then it wont really make a difference to the diet just might not work as much as it would of you were only snacking on fruit or yoghurts. If you have determination and wil power this kick start will work if not then it isnt even worth trying it as you will end up bingeing on your evening meal or lunch.
  • i tried the special k diet and it worked for me i weighed 158 pounds and lost more than 20 pounds ...when i finished w/ the diet i weighed 116 pounds so it worked for me, but the only thing is that you have to stick with that diet you ahve to be responsible to eat the right thing...and now once again im in that diet lol ...
  • YES! I lost 2.5lbs in 4 days and i love eating it. i don't get hungry and if i feel the need to snack i have fruit or veg. i have loads of different flavours in my cupboard and swap them round so i don't get bored. sometimes i mix them or add warm milk. Thank God for special k :D
  • i am going to start the diet 2moro, but with tesco's own fruit and fibre, do you people think it'll still work?? and did you say its 35g?
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  • I think it does work but u do have to have the will power to do it. I switched my main meal which i eat in the evening to lunch time and then had a bowl of special k in the evening instead and has worked really well! good Luck x

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