• I understand more smaller meals throughout the day, instead of fewer larger ones, goes a great way into increasing metabolism. Exercise helps, too.
  • I think #1 is exercise.
  • exercise.
  • Organic foods really help boost the metabolism. Companies and factories are adding fillers and other crap to food that make the body think its hungery sometimes immediatly after eating. All natural helps the body know how much its eaten.
  • Some say green tea is no good for you and others say's it's great.Who do you believe...Your alot safer with exercise,just walking a normal walk for a half hour done it for me..Good Luck
  • Both Coconut oil and kelp stimulate the thyroid gland which regulates metabolic rate. Also eating breakfast and consuming at least 1000 cal a day will jumpstart it. Several vitamins help as well including vitamen B, CoQ10, L Carnitine and NADH. Hope this helps!
  • As usual, almost nobody knows what the words mean. Metabolism is the process of turning food into motion, including the entire process from chewing to moving a muscle. The various processes are regulated by forty different nutrients, especially the B vitamins, and especially B1. Get nutritional yeast powder and stir some into milk or mashed potatoes. It has a taste, but when you see how you feel, you will decide that you like that taste just fine. Nutritional yeast is also available in flakes, same price but half the strength and half the taste. Vitamin B2 is a dye that turns urine bright yellow, so when the color fades, it's time to get some more. Probiotics also affect the process, so you might want to get some acidophilus pills, or eat yogurt every day. Study some books about nutrition so you are aware of these things.

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