• Florida is weird and don't come up with benefits for a lot of jobs. I lived there for a few years...don't expect top benefits for lower paying jobs..and expect to put more into the job then what is normally expected from you in other states
  • Compensation is allowed. I worked for a Florida-based company where the tech support folks were on-call 24x7 for one week at a time. During this week, they received a flat "reimbursement" pay, which is non-taxable. Employers are not required, however, to pay this. I worked as a level 4 in the same group (we had Level 1 and 2 in tech support, and Level 3 and 4 in a separate group above them). Level 3 and 4 were required to be on-call 24x7x365, with no compensation.
  • You are compensated by your salary. Salaried means you get the same pay if you work only one day in some weeks, and if you work seven days in other weeks.
  • I'm in Indiana and in the same boat. I am a salaried employee, and I am now on-call 24x7x365 until a backup is trained and up to speed. I am not sure if this is legal or not. I am on-call all the time, even on vacation. I haven't tried to fly so I don't know how I can be on-call when I am on a plane with no cell service. I even have to limit visits to the hospital where no cell phones are allowed to short periods of time. I have gotten paged and escalation pages (because I didn't respond) while I was a Dr. appointment where no cell phones were allowed. Pages came after I turned my phone back on. Is this legal? Oh yeah I also have 15 min. response time on Critical pages and I must be "in good condition" while on call aka no drinking. Is this too limiting?
  • they might

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