• Gilbert(they make the balls for the world cup,tri nations and other international games),Summit(they also make balls for international matches mostly in australia,I own a summit ball myself)PUMA,adidas and NIKE(i think)
  • Gilbert is the most well known brand interntionally, and also the most expensive. They make a sensational ball though. Summit also make balls but are less known internationally and far cheaper. There are also a number of other manufacturers that i wouldn't bother with. By the way, i am a rugby player of 15+ years.
  • mostly gilbert, which is a company based in rugby, but Australia uses Summit New Zealand occasionly will use Gilberts but they stick with Adidas, and Italy uses Mitre a well know Soccer or Footbal Company, and Gilbert is the Supplier of Super 12 and Super 14 and IRB world cup, or IRB, I think Kookaburra makes one too.

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