• One wins by racking up the highest number of points in a game. The scoring system was discussed in one of my previous answers and is repeated here with a few changes... A game consists of an even number of "ends", usually eight, but often ten or twelve in competitive play at an advanced level. The teams choose who throws "last rock" by a coin toss. Throwing the last rock in an end gives that team an advantage. Throwing the last rock in the game, by giving up last rock in the first end, is the preferred choice. The players change direction of play at the close of each end, to allow for more consistent wear of the ice during play. A play ends when all the rocks have been thrown and the points have been tallied. At the end of the game, the team with the highest number of points wins. A game may be finished early if one team is unable to win the game by continuing. Scoring is quite straightforward. The "end" is over when each player (lead, second, third, skip) on both teams have thrown all of their stones (two each per player). A game is played for an even number of ends, usually eight, ten, or twelve. The goal of the game is to get your stone closest to the centre of the painted circles, called the "house". The team whose stone has come the closest to the centre of the house wins the end. All of their rocks that lie closer to the centre of the house than any of the rocks belonging to the opposing team earn one point each. It is possible for an end to finish with no stones in the house. It is theoretically possible for a team to score eight points in an end, but this almost never happens in practice. Scoring three or four points in an end is considered a high score.

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