• They've been using the one I built for them almost for a year now and still have trouble turning it on.
  • Yes, I am the parent.
  • Yes, both of them can.
  • My mom got my dad his first computer, a Vic20 in 1984, our entire family has been on a computer everyday of our life since then. We are highly computerized. My mom is a little slower than some, but she can work a spreadsheet like no one's business. My dad routinely breaks his computer(s) just so he can rebuild them.
  • My father never used a computer. My mother did secretarial work and did OK. They both passed away before the 'Internet Age'.
  • My mother has never used a computer in her life. My mother-in-law has "never held a mouse in her hand" and she proudly proclaims that fact, literally. My father-in-law tries very hard, but continually gets confused. He can use his word processing program, but still loses the documents if he doesn't print them. Most of the time he can pay his bills through his online banking, and he can write a few simple emails. I believe that's the best he's ever going to do, honestly.
  • I think "fluent" is most commonly used when it relates to speaking or speech. I think the word that might be better suited is "proficient". My mother uses a computer to play Solitare and to scan and print photos, I don't consider this to be a good use of a computer.
  • My only living parent is my mom and she won't even try. She is 71 and has no interest in learning how to use a computer.

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