• Who knows...maybe because there aren't enough %s to go down and supposedly "F" stands for fail...
  • E in early grades stands for excellent - E - Excellent, S- Satisfactory and N or I - Needs Improvement In upper grades an E would have represented a much lower level of achievement and it was not an option for a grade. In addition, F indicates Failure.
  • There is up to about grade 3. E is "excellent" or "exceeds expectations".
  • Well, the letters mean Excellent, Above Average, Average, Poor, and Failing respectively. I am not sure why they aren't E, AA, A, P, and F, but there you have it.
  • I think it may have to do with the idea that the people who earned the wouldbe grade of "E", may mistake it for meaning "Excellent", which is usually how they were graded in Pre-school, Kintergarden and 1st grade. But they didn't really grade at "Fine." so "F" is Ok because most people recognize it as "Fail" rather than "Fine". . I could be wrong though.. :)

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