• It's hard to make money in the arts... unless you're extremely gifted or come up with a fantastic idea no one else has thought of. There is often good money in teaching what you've learned. I've made more money teaching guitar than I have actually playing it for someone.
  • Cartoon designer? Art schools have alot to offer, try to go to a few and tour them to see if a specific class sparks that creativity you love so much. Good luck! :)
  • Be a post editor.... you edit clips of movies ,commercials ,tv shows .that sounds like you to a T. Check into it would be a fun job and you will bring out your creativity,,also the money is huge!! Did I say HUGE.
  • Why arts? Be creative in finding solutions to problems and you'll be gold. Don't fear going corp...there are SO many freaking sheep in corp monstrosities that you can be your own person, not lose your identity, and be respected for not having a brown nose and sticking to your morals. Develop a tech or otherwise marketable skillset and crank up the creativity. You'll have fun AND be successful career-wise. I love going to work every day because I know how I got there and I know I'm wanted there for being the non-traditionalist and making waves.....always willing to wave my hand laying claim to my mistakes and leaving no option but to notice my discoveries without any fanfare.
  • Being a computer graphics expert would be great. It's very in demand and it pays well too.
  • Try doing it a little of all. Being involved in all of those mentioned will help your creativity grow and expand!
  • The best thing to do is to make a start. As you move forward you'll know which way to go and which you most enjoy
  • Go for graphic design and advertising with an emphasis on computer technology.
  • Learn how to code & become the guy/gal who creates games. You can get rich playing games all day!!! PLUS, you can also use your drawing skills to create your games.
  • O.k. this is a really old question. Are you 27 now? I was going to suggest talking to your high school counselor or doing a job placement survey. That's what I'd recommend to a 17 yo. I know you're probably not here anymore, but others will see this, so that's my answer.

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