• I'm no expert on ships, but right after the collision I would've set sail towards the iceberg. I bet it didn't sink; using ice sculpting it would make a decent lifeboat. The only thing I can come up with about keeping Titanic afloat, is to concentrate all pumping power on the slowest filling, forward compartment. Only one compartment needed to be saved, in order to keep the ship above the water. Also send passengers to the back of the ship and get rid of the heavier cargo/anchors in the mid and forward compartments, to improve weight distribution. Try to stuff the leaks from the outside using sheets including some china, and a pillow attached. China makes it sink, the sheet gets sucked in, and the pillow reduces the waterflow. Maybe use matrasses, sails, nets and raincoats for bigger holes. Check the cargo-list for similar stuff. If it doesn't work, there's still the iceberg to climb on. Plausible or busted?
  • The watertight doors that partitioned the vessel SHOULD have been built all the way to the top deck. They were not and as the bow went down, the water reached the top of each door and overflowed into, and flooding the next compartment...and so on and so on..
  • Someone, the captain or builder, said before its maiden voyage "Not even God can sink this ship." I'm not suggesting that God had anything to do it--He's not that petty. But when someone has that much hubris--arrogant pride that assumes "I can do no wrong"--he's headed straight for a fall. Because of this attitude, they thought they could sail too fast and didn't bother getting enough lifeboats, or call for help soon enough.
  • To have completely independent double hull chambers. According to one documentary about with weak element in the design: the double hull sections were not independent from each other. Once the breached water level got up to a certain height, it started spilling over into the next chamber(even the undamaged sections.), and the next causing ever accelerating listing by which no pumps could counter.
  • Too late, sorry!
  • Stick to the Caribbean islands.
  • Build the ship out of ice next time !!
    • Lilo Avli
      Smart, as well as beautiful.
    • Beaker Five-O
      I already know !!
  • They should have stopped in the ice field until daybreak, like the Californian did.

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