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  • yes. perfectly normal, most girls do. and im asuming your a girl.
  • Well, when you're young and you don't really know what's going on with your body when you orgasm, then yes... it's sometimes compared to the feeling of peeing. Do you masturbate? Orgasm on your own? That will help you notice all the feelings you're having during orgasm. Did you have an orgasm with someone else, to make you ask this question? Those orgasms feel different and are harder to achieve just because of the different situation. (Just like, if you masturbate in your room, then one day you try doing it in the bathroom (for example), it may be harder to relax because of the new environment.) Or you could have no problem, it's all in how you're raised and how sheltered you are from all this info, you know? I grew up with "open" people, I asked questions and was never embarrassed. I experienced all this when I was 13-14 years old. Most women in today's USA society (sheltered, in my opinion) usually don't experience any of this until they're in their late teens and early twenties. Good luck!
  • From my experience, when I was younger and "discovering" myself I thought I was peeing when I was having an orgasm...several years later I discovered it wasnt pee...but I was a squirter. I was cuming in large amounts. It was clear and odorless and if done right I could accomplish some pretty good distances... I was so scared that something was wrong with I had a hole in my bladder or something... It took me a good man who knew what was going on to encourage me that I was not weird and I was able to enjoy it more and the orgasms became more intense too...
  • If your a girl - and it helps - nothing feels better then when she pees or tries too. kiegal muscles- ohh wow.
  • Girls have a thing called a g-spot which is a highly sensitive area behind the pubic bone. Im pretty sure that when stimulated, a clear, oderless fluid is released, this could feel like peeing? im not sure if thats what your talking about though.
  • the first time i gave myself an orgasim, i squirted everywhere..o my felt so damn good...
  • from what i know yes, it's normal. most women i have been with have had multiple orgasms and all wet all the time. oral and sex. I thinks it's sexy and i want to do that for a woman. some women have had a little driping and some have had a srong sream like when you pee. Totaly normal. GOOD FOR YOU :)
  • yeah, it does feel like you are peeing when you have an orgasm. Last night my bf and i were having sex and he was licking my clip and fingeting me realllly deep and he hit my g-spot. it felt like i was peeing but i was cumming and orgasmed to, it is totslly normal, even tho i am 18 i know whta im talking about:)
  • SIMPLE AWNSER HERE!!!! If you feel you need to pee. LET IT GO!!! It is the way girls have what they call a Squirting Orgasm. They are wonderful!! =] [[Note: Pee before doing sexual acts so you squirt a liquid from your piss hole instead of pee]]
  • Forgot to say. The liquid should be clear, mostly odor less [[might smell slightly like urine]] and salty. Good luck ^-^ hehe

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