• Yeah, it shouldnt be your duty, and you dont know how the parents will react
  • I work in a nursery looking after 18 2-6yo kids, with a further 100 ish kids at the same nursery. I discipline the child as per the rules of our nursery. The child is allowed, imo, to get away with little things when the parents are there (for example, when being picked up they are allowed to go downstairs on their own whereas normally they are not allowed to do so). I have no problem telling these kids they are doing wrong when they are doing wrong, but then that is my responsibility. If it was a child on the street with no parent around then I would also tell them off, although they would prob just tell me to go to hell or similar and walk off, but I would have no problem doing it either way.
  • If the parents are there, I expect them to do it. If I am responsible for the child, discipline is helping them learn, not hurting them, and I am not uncomfortable with it.
  • No, because I would respect and thank someone for doing the same with my child.
  • I guess it depends on your definition of 'discipline'. If the parent is not readily at hand then saying something to the child is acceptable.
  • I don't discipline other people's kids. If the children are doing something that is bad enough that I feel the need to act, I will inform their parents about the behavior. If the children are left in my care (such as my nieces in nephews) then I try to discipline according to their parents beliefs. I don't believe in hitting children, so I don't do spankings. If the child is being bad I will just send him or her to their room and let their parents deal with them when they get back.
  • Sorry, but the editor in me must point out that "irreprehensible" is not a word.

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