• No, pickles do not make you lose weight.
  • Pickles have a lot of salt, salt makes you retain water, which can make you heavier. I don't know any other components of them, but that much I know.
  • Loosing weight by eating something may work if you substitute a fattening product for something healthier. If you had the habit of eating two or three cream filled donuts everyday and substitute them for the pickles, it will help. But, if you eat your pickles but still eat your donuts as a dessert after the pickles, you will be increasing the amount of calories you are taking, and helping yourself to gain weight. It is only a matter of how many calories you take a day. There is nothing magic that will make you loose weight by itself.
  • That's hard to say, perhaps this patient can help you out. The first 30 seconds is the reason for this video, I just couldn't find a good quality version that was shorter.
  • A Diuretic only flushes the water out of your body, but it doesn't even do that, it makes you bloat because of the high sodium content. sodium RETAINS water, not flushes it out
  • if you just look at them sure
  • If you choose one pickle over several chips it may be less calories you're consuming + you're getting your craving for salt satisfied.
  • The only sure fire way to help you lose weight is a low salt high protein diet and exercise.
  • Well, it worked for me. Not only pickles, but pickle juice as well. I weighed 165 lbs then decided to go on the pickle and vinegar diet and ended up losing more than 20 lbs in about two months (I'm only 5'8" btw). (note: I didn't change my eating habits or exercise)
  • Eating a pickle instead of a cookie will help.
  • Who is Pickles Help? Pickles are high in sodium and vinegar. The vinegar will dehydrate you. This will cause temporary weight loss until you drink anything and it will go right back on. It can also cause health problems including muscle cramps. The sodium will cause you to retain water and gain weight.
  • To begin with, the medical profession should be served with a class-action lawsuit for the damage they've been causing with their demonization of salt. On a scale of 1-10, the accuracy of what they say is around 3. Salt is greatly necessary for the body because, like water, every function is supported by it. One of the main reasons people retain salt is that they don't drink enough water. The body was designed to regulate its needs - including the intake of salt. Like anything else, there are no storage areas to hold nutrients for future use, so the body takes what it needs when it's available and discards the rest - including salt. It only retains extra salt when a person is water deficient. Having said that, pickles are a good source of weight loss - they're low in calories. I prefer hot peppers, myself - only 5 calories per serving.
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