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  • Most women will tell you rear entry or doggie-style.
  • Missionary can be deep too, depending on the angle.
  • Start with missionary, then prop your legs up over his shoulders so that your knees get pressed up towards your chest, with him leaning over you. I don't think it's physically posible to get any deeper than this one if you do it right.
  • I'd have to say doggy style
  • Lie on you back let him lower himself on top of you than put your legs up wide open, & he must one of your legs & push it back towards your chest, than he can thrust you as hard as he can. It is great when he is about to come and he thrusts really hard & deeply as possible.
  • When I'm with a male i'd have to say doggy style, with him pounding my ass. When I'm with a female, I'd say doggy style or her flat on her back or I'm on my back and she's bouncing on top of me.
  • Doggy-style.
  • Reverse cowgirl. Lean forward just a little bit and then move up and down. It goes pretty deep that way.
  • here's the trick for deep penetration (pain free!) with doggy style make sure the WOMENS shoulders are below HER HIPS that creates a position where the vagina has a longer wider tunnel....Otherwise some women could feel pain from a penis near 7 inches....(esp....if her arms are straight and shoulders up in doggie style) face down ass up doggie....
  • on your back, legs as far back to your head as possible
  • I like the missionary position the best with my legs spread wide and pulled up high around him. It makes my pussy the most vulnerable and easy for him to give it to me. I arch my hips upward and just enjoy the pounding.
  • from behind ass up face down

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