• Ofcourse i would be very offended. If someone thinks that you are a little on the chubby side, and they want this person to know then they should tell them in a nice way rather thank going for the inderect approch like buying them a diet book for christmas! I hope i answered your question well, thanks for listening to me.
  • Yes I certainly would, I mean diet books are designed to help you loose weight, so you are obviously going to assume that the person giving you the book thinks YOU should drop a few pounds. Or maybe they think there are some good recipes in it. LOL On the flip side did you tell the gift giver that you wanted to loose weight? If yes, then maybe they are just trying to help you?
  • If I were obese, I would feel offended because obesity is a medical disease. Other than that, I may be happy to get some new ideas on how to lose 5 or 10 pounds.
  • The very best diet books focus on healthy eating. No matter what my weight, I would always be interested in learning new things about eating wisely. So no, I wouldn't be offended. If someone gave me breath mints, that might unsettle me somewhat! :)
  • I would feel so offended I would probably burst into tears and run out of the room. Overly dramatic but true.
  • Good question, I'm not sure how I would react. Also depends on who gave me this gift.
  • I'd just laugh, but might feel a bit annoyed that someone went out of their way to buy me a book that is so obviously useless to me... It shows a total lack of thought *shrugs* (I'm so skinny that people keep offering me food to fatten me up... lol)
  • I would probably laugh and ask them if they think I need to diet...hahaha
  • heck yes i would....but since i tend to be passive agressive (just a tad) i'd probably invite them to dinner and fix'em somethin' from the cook book and say somethin' like "thought you might wanna try this.... and i'll give ya the recipe just in case you'd like to cook it for yourself!" :))
  • Not if it were all bacon recipes.
  • Unless I'd asked for it, yes.
  • i dont need one..but how insulting would a gift like that be
  • I gave my Grandson (5 yrs old) a book as a gift and he said, "This is not a present."
  • Yes and a GC to weight watchers would offend, too.
  • Not really; I'd just consider it an indicator of the giver's mental state: No sane person would think I'm fat.

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