• If foul play is not suspected, the police are called to make a report. the medical examiner is notified, along with the deceased persons medical doctor. If foul play is suspected, the police will make a report, secure the area, detectives are called, and the deceased person will undergo an autopsy.
  • If you have an elderly person in your home that you know is nearing the end, many people pre-arrange with a mortuary to pick up the body once they pass away. If you did not pre-arrange, you can call almost any mortuary and have them pick up the body (for a fee, of course). The mortuary service will contact the authorities if something does not seem right. If the death was suspicious (e.g. the person was young and healthy when they went to bed, but never woke up), the cops should be called. They will dispatch an officer and an ambulance, and take care of the rest.
  • I think that is a creepy question. Depends on your motives.
  • Roll them into the river
  • Remove their internal organs and put them on ice.

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