• There are two species of peafowl, one from India, and one from Myanmar/Malaysia/Java.
  • The Congo Peafowl, Afropavo congensis is a species of peafowl. It is the only member of the monotypic genus Afropavo. The male is a large bird, up to 70cm long, deep blue with a metallic green and violet tinge. It has bare red neck skin, grey feet, a black tail with fourteen feathers and the head adorned with vertical white elongated hair-like feathers on its crown. The female is generally a chestnut brown bird with black abdomen, metallic green back and a short chestnut brown crest. Both sexes resemble immature Asian Peafowl, with early stuffed birds being erroneously classified as such before they were officially discovered as a species.
  • We used to raise peacocks. They come from several places. The Indian Blue comes from India. There are Green Peafowl from Myanmar, too. I know that you can see them in some parts of India but I('m not sure where. It is their national bird. A peacock is really just a type of big pheasant.

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