• Pinnacle is one. Hanafuda, which is a japanese game matching picture cards, adding up points with the cards, ranging to a certain goal of points and trying to get more than that. Then tallying up the scores, the points can range anywhere from pennies to dollars.
  • I think the above answer is referring to Pinochle, which doesn't require special types of playing cards, but rather regular playing cards in a special combination: A Pinochle deck contains two each of the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace in all four suits. Other card games (some more contemporary): Uno, Fluxx, Aquarius, Mahjong (Card version), etc.
  • any collecting card game - ie Yu-Gi-Oh, or Magic Gathering. Top Trumps are special cards. Can-You-Go Uno Happy Families etc. though quite a lot of 'special pack' games can be played with a regular deck
  • Any card game except the following and quite a few more: Crazy Eights Poker Blackjack Old Maid (-1 card) War World War
  • Phase 10---split---Quiddler---crowns---numero---set---These we play a lot Also Mhing.
  • UNO and Skip-BO
  • Uno, and those magic the gathering type games.
  • Tarot cards, Uno, and Fill or Bust.
  • Nobody's mentioned Mille that game.
  • Rook is another. I love the aforementioned Phase 10.

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