• Probably more helpful in general than anything else. I wouldnt rate people based on my opinion of them.....
  • Only when I agree with them, of if it's somebody from my friends. Honestly, everybody does that.
  • I rate them from the creativity and importance. There are a lot I don't even bother answering because I think they are just rubbish.
  • I usually rate based on the helpfulness of the question or answer in general not only to myself but to others. I have made an exception in the case of a certain friend oif mine and always give her positive ratings. Then again I have never seen her ask a question or give an answer that was not helpful in any way to anyone. So I guess I am not really making an exception after all when it comes to her now am I. I just hope she realizes what a great friend she is and how much I truly appreciate her friendship. She is the onlky friend here that I can always depend on to be there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on and the only one who really cares enough about me to go out of her way to do whatever she can to help me. I thank God every day for that friend and I hope she realizes who she is and how much I truly appreciate her.
  • only when i agree
  • I tend to rate them on how correct and/or helpful they are. My opinion of the person submitting it is irrelevant ; )
  • correct, helpful, or what i would say
  • Helpful in general.
  • If it's a question with a clear answer, and someone answers it correctly, then I rate those up If it's an opinion question, then I rate up answers that are intelligent, funny, or that I agree with
  • I rate it up if it's: helpful (in gerneral or to myself), the person has attempted to be helpful, if it makes me giggle or if it's an opinion question in which the person has made a clear, thought out argument (whether I agree or not) as long as it's not offensive. I typically give everyone who answers my questions max points unless they are an idiot who gives a mean-spirited or offensive answer (I've not yet run across that in my own questions) Being on my friend's list doesn't make much of a difference when it comes to handing out points, but I do answer those questions first and I do typically rate every question I answer.
  • I rate an answer if they've either answered a question of mine of it's helpful in general, I feel it's the least I could do for taking the time to answer.
  • Any of the following: Helpful, creative, clever, positive, loving, funny, cute, charming, whimsical, relevant, poignant, educational, thought-provoking, insightful, enlightening, corny, or downright silly!! I'm pretty easy to please.
  • Helpful in general and helpful to myself. Sometimes I read answers that I sit back and go WOW. There are people on here who truly love helping others and it shows. They blow me away. There are so many people on here who are open to sharing experiences they have went through in order to help others and for those people I am truly thankful because I learn a lot from them. -- A lot of times it is hard for me to think outside my own little box.. but there are those who can reach others in a gentle way that makes us think outside our boxes to learn new things. It is intimidating but exciting to see things a different way.. even if it shows us our way was wrong.. it feels good to learn new things and new ways.
  • According to their being helpful in general.
  • Helpful in general. :)
  • Relevent in general. If you answer the question, you deserve a little boost. But if you don't answer the question asked, I'll usually DR you.
  • I rate helpful answers +4 and any answer at least with +1 as long as it pertains to the question.
  • i don't put hardly any thought into it. if i remember, i'll give them points on account of the fact that i actually answered them. but i forget often.
  • If it's worth me answering, it gets points.
  • Helpful in general.
  • I bet about over half people on here also judge answers by the person or their rank Just they act "nice" and dont want to admit it (my opinion)
  • I rate the question if it interests me, the answer if I think it is clever or informative. Personalities don't enter into my decision.
  • I rate them according to how thoughtful they are. If it seems not much thought went into asking, or answering, I don't rate it one way or the other.
  • All three. Usually it has to do with how valid/helpful I consider the answer to those completely ignorant of the issue being discussed.
  • Those who are helpful and want to give them credit for that and for their advice about something I could not figure out about myself. Their knowledge.
  • For the most part, see Jodie's answer at I tend not to pay attention to WHO asked or answered the question, until I've UPrated them. (I NEVER downrate. If it's downratable for me, it's flaggable.) I uprate EVERYONE (fully) who answers MY questions, and for others' questions, if I would LIKE to DR someone, I just uprate the others, and leave theirs alone. And, I will occasionally positroll a question, if I believe people who answered a question have been unfairly downrated (which is MOST of the time), or if I find someone (friend or not)'s questions or answers have been trolled (a BUNCH of DRs).

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