• Inappropriate? No, not if you're a modern bride. If, however, you are following more traditional (think: Emily Post, Vanderbuilt or the Crane's Blue Book), then only black ink is acceptable. As a Professional Stationer for the past 12 years, we offer both to our clients, explaining the difference. More often than not, brides will go with black unless they've used a well suited colored ink in the invitation text.
  • I don't think so. For my wedding we had copper-colored ink in the invitations, and addressed them in the same color. I am not up on my wedding etiquette (ours was not very traditional), but I suppose it depends on what type of wedding it is and what you want. I would say the couple should go with what they like, considering of course, the wishes of whoever's paying :)
  • Nahhh!!! What ever makes your toes tap. I once saw a wedding invite on note paper of lavender with silver ink writing. Congrats on your wedding!!!
  • Would it be inappropriate to use colored ink on a wedding invitation. Reminds me of a dream where the invites were on lavender paper and the ink was bright silver. Based on my dream I'd say go for it. YES!!!
  • i dont think so

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