• Japanese occupation of Korea ended after World War II in 1945. Then, Korea was occupied by the Soviet Union north of the 38th parallel and by the United States south of the 38th parallel. The United States suppressed an existing network of local Peoples Committees; meanwhile Cold War tensions rose. This led in 1948 to the establishment of two governments claiming to be the sole government of all of Korea: a communist North, and a United States-controlled South led by anti-communist Syngman Rhee. In June 1950, the North Korean Peoples Army attacked, launching the Korean War. The United States-backed South and the Chinese-backed North eventually reached a stalemate. In 1953 they signed a ceasefire, splitting the peninsula along a demilitarised zone along the 38th parallel. (
  • well the korean peninsula was split by the united nations on the 38 parallel line because of their disagreement on how korea was to be goverened by, communism or a democracy
  • North Korea = Communist-Socialist, run by a Dictator. South Korea = Capitalist and Democratic, run by level headed people. You could say the same thing about America, why did the south want to split? If it had we would have a Confederate USA and a Yankee/Union USA.
  • they sepated because they were mad at each other.
  • Because one half handed over their freedom of choice to a single person.
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      Especially a dog, or they would have eaten it.
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