• With more and more people paying closer attention to their dietary sugar intake, there are plenty of sugar-free cookie recipes available. If you call or visit your local library, they will be able to direct you to sugar-free (as well as gluten-free, etc) baking and cookbooks. In the meantime, I found plenty of sugar-free cookie recipes here: Some of the recipes use a sugar substitue like Equal or Splenda, and some have no sugar sweetener included at all.
  • Lots of options to sugar now days. Splenda is a newer substitute for sugar but it can have a bitter taste if you need to use quite a bit. Here is a link to sugarfree cookies from, these recipes come from Gourmet magazine and others so they should be pretty good. There are zillions of recipes out there you can probably find some good ones through your library or book shop. I'd think too that a good cookie that is sugarless would need to make up the difference with a fabulous texture. Nuts would be a good addition. happy hunting!
  • Yes, though all recipes call for some kind of sweetener. If you want to avoid artificial sweeteners, you can try stevia (an herb that tastes sweet), maple syrup, or dried whole fruit such as dates which are very sweet. Honey should not be cooked, but could be added to the cookie after it is baked (sort of like an oreo, except with a honey/date paste in the middle).
  • i know a lot of people who put apple sauce into cakes as a sugar substitute, maybe this would work for some kinds of cookies???
  • I make things with fruit, to avoid sugar. I do this in cakes and pancakes. I am sure you could adapt it to biscuits/cookies.
  • Yes, you could use Splenda or some other sweetener.
  • try honey or a caro syrup
  • long ago i had a recipe for cookies that used apple sauce. they came out great. sadly i don't have the recipe anymore.
  • splenda or stevia are what I recommend. If you're trying to make cookies for a diabetic person, use whole oats and wheat flour or soy flour in place of refined white flour as the white flour is a rapidly absorbed source of glucose and causes swings in blood sugar.
  • i use Splenda, they now sell brown sugar Splenda, mine are nor bitter
  • Use Stevia
  • Stevia is what bodybuilders use. It is a much better alternative for sugar. Here's an example of a recipe. 🡒

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