• No. The "potential" of life isn't good enough for me. The random stranger has a life, probably with relationships and responsibilities. To put either to death is wrong... but numbers don't matter to me. You could say 1000 embryos, and my answer would be the same. The stranger's life is more valuable the same way a crafted painting is more valuable than a bunch of paint cans.
  • no, because of stem cell research many more lives would be saved. I condemn the christians who are blocking the most amazing breakthroughs in our lifetimes, and I place on the christians, and republicans the deaths of thousands of people who could potentially survive if stemcell research could go through. STAY OUT OF SCIENCE, CHURCH!!!!!!! If you dont like it TOUGH! cry a river build a bridge and get over it. Dont mess it up for everyone else because you have a issue with saving lives
  • no, letting people die aint my thing
  • One definite life against the possibility of life? No.

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