• Yes, that in it of itself is legal. I'm assuming the reason you ask this is because you heard that medicare in Canada is socialized (meaning it is payed for by the governmet so it is freee). So to get perscription drugs for free in Canada, you have to be a Canadian citizen. So to get a fake ID passing yourself off as a Canadian just to get free perscription drugs is illegal. But even as an American you might be able to find competetive prices in Canada.
  • If you have a valid prescription from a physician, it is legal. However, this is a contentious issue right now; USA pharmacies don't like it and are trying to stop cross-border drug-shopping as it eats into their profits. There are also mixed opinions in Canada about whether to allow it to grow. Some say it jeopardizes the supply available to Canadians, some disagree. Some Canadian Internet pharmacies are set up mainly to service the American market. Try this link for some current info.
  • I believe that is legal provided that the drugs are for your own use only.

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