• According to, a Dr. Duncan MacDougall performed this experiment in 1907. His measurements of the "weight of the soul" varied significantly across the six trials he performed (of which two were discarded due to equipment failure). MacDougall also weighed dogs ante- and post-mortem and found no change, leading him to conclude that dogs do not have souls. If you are to accept the results of MacDougall's work, the soul weighs three-quarters of an ounce, or 21 grams. However, his experiment was flawed: the sample size (four) was far too small and his weighing methods were imprecise. I would advise you to take MacDougall's experimental results with a grain of salt (or 324 of them!).
  • No. At last check water evaporates. Actually a boogy man sneaks out of the body when everyone is not looking. Do not tell any one.
  • No, but the mass of the body does slowly decrease over a period of time. Water is lost, cells break down and release gases, the bacteria in the stomach and other areas die. However, there is no sudden loss of mass as death occurs. (Certainly not due to the soul acending which I guess is what this question is refering to!)
  • Actually, stomach acid and other bacteria don't die. Without any food to process YOU become the food, and this contributes to the decomposition process.
  • I wonder if anyone has measured it with highly sensitive scales. The loss could be very small. It makes sense to me that if energy = mass, that the there should be some loss of weight even if very very faint. On the other hand it may not be measurable. Perhaps a mass is left behind that was created at the time of death as the spirit left the body.
  • I would imagine that God has made it so that its not detectable.
  • this thoery hasnt been proven to my knowledge
  • yes, its called soil
  • I guess simple answer would be no, there is no detectable loss that can not be explained in physical terms.
  • No. In fact, in some instances, the human body actually GAINS a small measure of weight...
  • I've never heard of this phenomenon, I'd say no!
  • I've never heard of this phenomenon, I'd say no!
  • No there is not.

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