• Sad to say probably not. Dance is a blend of rhythm and movement to the beat of the music. If you can't keep track of the beat, you won't know when to move. I don't think you can teach someone how to follow a musical beat, if they don't have the innate ability, but I'm not an expert. Of course if you just want to dance follow your own beat and see what developes, it's all about fun anyway isn't it?
  • There are so many things that different people consider good dancing. To some people, it's waltzing. To 8th graders, it's beating your fists on your chest, doing PartyBoy [not to be mistaken with the Crazy Chicken]. Most people would consider this insane, but, alas, middle school kids are sometimes just denying the fact that real dancing isn't punching yourself in the heart, which anyone can do. So, this really depends on which dancing you're talking about. Middle school dancing? do the PartyBoy, and you are definitely an awesome dancer.
  • yes!! if you practise hard and concentrate then yes you wil learn to dance!!
  • It depends on your personal definition of 'well.' There are two kinds of dancers out there: one kind that dances like engineers and the other one that has a natural gift and ability. The former will never do anything else but repeat the same patterns like a robot (at best). The latter will awe and amaze you with their style and grace and are a pleasure to watch on the floor
  • No. That skill seems to be something you are born with or you are not. You find out when you are stiff and can't stay with the music beat etc.
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  • No, not just anyone can dance well. It takes natural talent, training and much practice, practice, practice. I've been a ballerina.

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