• Terrorists have the US and UK on tenterhooks, we can no longer fly without hassle and many other scare issue! Therefore in their opinion Yes it does seem to work!
  • It's final purpose whatever it might be is no excuse for the fact that it causes TERROR, grief and despair to many. In that sense it sadly succeeds and I find the term appropriate.
  • I can't bring a cooler into a football game, I have to take my shoes off before boarding a plane, I can't travel with more than 3 ounces of gel and the federal government can pretty much do anything it wants in my life...all because terrorism has made Americans frightened of their own shadow. For my two cents, it's working fine.
  • its safe here in Kabul .. I dont mind the terrorism so much, except for when i have to work a long weekend
  • Well my short answer would be that terrorism causes terror so yes, it does work. After the July 7 bombings in London (which I narrowly missed) I was forever apprehensive and nervous when taking the tube. So the muslim fanatics succeeded in "terrorising" me, as I'm sure they did for many others.
  • Yes, it does work to give our leaders a reason to take away freedom. Fear is used to make us give up rights.You can see what new laws were put into effect after 9/11. By us losing our freedom shows we gave in.
  • Terrorism always used to refer to the way a government treated its citizens. Still does, but nobody seems to know it.
  • I actually think it generally doesn't. Terrorists don't call themselves terrorists. They have specific objectives like creating an Islamic state or driving Jews from Israel. So essentially, that make life unpleasant for everyone, but they generally don't get what they wanted in the first place.

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