• Firstly I should say that I haven't actually read the book... but I have just seen the film and I have read a lot of reports about the controversy of the subject matter, especially about religion. So I would probably go for that angle. Something like: "Can The Golden Compass be seen as an allegory about religion? In what way?" You could also try generic titles like: "How important are family relationships in the Golden Compass?" "Does The Golden Compass present a realistic view of childhood? Why or why not?" "Is the parallel world inhabited by Lyra in The Golden Compass fundamentally different to our own? In which ways?" Hope this has helped.
  • I read it a long time ago, but I remember the themes that most affected me were ones about parental responsibility. The mystery of Lyra's parents (their desires, personal needs, lack of loyalty to her) where the themes that I thought were going to be unfolded in the sequels but were really not.

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