• Peter. At least Homer has a job. Or used to anyway.
  • Homer is one bell curve dumber than Peter. At least Peter doesn't say Doh all the time and he does have a shred of intelligence in him. Homer is just perma-dumb.
  • I thought he was the same actor. :) Honestly if I had to pick I same Peter in dumber and the reason is That he appears like he hasn't got any thought of anyone else around him. Homer on several occasion has shown emotions when he has screwed up whereas Peter can't even admit he has done anything stupid or wrong.
  • Homer is dumber
  • Peter. Homer sure as hell breaches the limits just about every time, but as The Simposn's episode concept goes, he always ends up learning something or coming back around in the end, kind of like Will Smith in Fresh Prince. He might forget it in all the other episodes after that lol, but it's still better then Peter. Homer's dumb, but Peter is completely braindead. Also his laugh is evident proof of intellectual deficiency. Homer knows a lot of stuff actually, it's funny how a lot of his jokes are given a ''dumb'' flair, but that could only be made by a wise man. Plus apparently he knows martial arts, can't be that dumb.

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