• Yes I have. I ate fried Alligator Kabobs. I can't say it was particularly yummy.
  • I always try something I have never eaten or drank at least once.
  • Yes! My husband and I went to a Greek restaurant for Valentine's day a couple of years ago, and they had an ostrich appetizer; we'd never had it, and none of the other appetizers jumped out at us, so we thought, "What the heck, we'll have the ostrich just to say we've had it before." We didn't like it very much, but dag nabbit, now I can say, "Why yes, I HAVE eaten ostrich before. It's a bit gamey..." :)
  • All the time! My daddy taught me to try everything twice. You never know what you'll end up liking, and life is too short to go without eating yummy foods. So, in my 21 years I've eaten Rattlesnake, alligator, octopus, ostrich, zebra, bison, and pretty much anything else set in front of me. ^_^
  • Yes !! I've eaten fried rattlesnake, which was O.K. I've tried sushi which I don't like at all and never will. I've tried octopus , which I will never do again. I tried escrgot years ago and got hooked on it ! I love them sautéed in garlic butter ! I will try most anything once.
  • As a kid I had to eat many things because mom said I had to "just try it" before I could say I didn't like it! lol
  • How 'bout bull's testicles? They're a delicacy in foreign countries...
  • No way! I am not the adventurous type.
  • laava bread...its a green mushy seaweed they eat in Wales....Bleeuuuggghhh!!! what lives in the sea should stay in the sea! :)
  • Yes, I ate a snail as a kid and never again
  • Yes, I ate a snail as a kid and never again
  • In Minneapolis I tried an Ethiopian restaurant. It was pretty good. Served family style so we all ate off a big plate for our own smaller plate.

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