• Because of the relative rarity of platinum in relation to silver or gold, the price of platinum is consistently higher that that of the others. As of April, 2006 the spot price of platinum was approximately $1100 US per ounce while the price of gold was approximately $600 US per ounce of gold. Because of these prices, the settings are more expensive as well.
  • Platinum jewelry is more expensive than gold and silver for many reasons. The top two reasons are most likely its rarity and apperance. The prongs of platinum settings are less likely to damage or lose the stone it holds. Platinum is bound to look stunning even after years of use. It is a high quality metal used in a pure form, not as an alloy like silver and white gold. Jewelers find it easy to mold and its weight is prefered to gold and silver. Also: platinum does not tarnish and will last through many polishings. Because gold is easily a superior choice to silver and platinum wins over gold there really is no need for its mention in this race. In any case, spend less, get less.
  • The price of platinum higher.
  • platinum is more rare than gold and silver
  • It’s a given fact that platinum is much more expensive as compared to gold or silver, more so because of it's sophisticated looks & rarity. Another important reason is that platinum is a heavy & dense metal compare to gold, so ring designs made in platinum are heavier than 18ct gold rings of same design. Usually based on gram weight the price of metal is calculated; the heaviness or density is thus one of the contributing factor which makes platinum jewelry more expensive.

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