• all of the above. the people doing business with china never allow their family to touch anything from china.they even travel with their own cooks. listen,we like it or not,china will destroy us.everyday china is lending the american govt.,a billion this is the case where money talks and b.................
  • Why don't we just say that everyone sucks and leave it at that?
  • People in China are thrifty. A medical English professor I spoke to told his Chinese students that they should not try to save money by recycling accupuncture needles, even though culturally thrift is encouraged. I have seen a Chinese toy factory that was run better than the one that used lead based paint. I don't think we should point fingers at the entire country when one person made the decision. Quality control is important for the Chinese-American economic partnership to continue moving forward. Of course, it would be easier to scrutinize from this hemisphere, and I am all for keeping jobs in the United States, but I doubt many Americans want the specific jobs I witnessed in China.
  • IMHO It's the saga of the bottom line, and if the lead based paint had never been made public, the distributors would still be buying and retailing them.
  • I don't think it is the Chinese intent to poison the young children of the US. I think that they just have different standards and view money completely differently than we do...They are learning and learning fast...that they have to improve their products.
  • No. Yes. And there will be some economist out there telling us that it is not a problem and that there is no better way.
  • I doubt the Chinese government is behind it, but it is looking more and more suspicious. Let's don't put all the blame on big business. The American people have made it very clear that when given a choice between and expensive American made product, and a cheap Chinese product, the majority will go for cheap.
  • I do not believe this theory. CHina make cheap goods and in order to reduce the cost, they use all kind of things they could. Being an iron curtain, their ways are protected. Being cheap everybody go for it too. Nothing to do with killing America or something.

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