• Do more cardio. Running, biking, aerobics. Anything that gets your heart pumping to 130-140 BPM. Do it for 15-20 minutes the first few days, then slowly increase to 30-45 minutes. You can go all the way up to an hour safely in a month if you so desire. Also, work out first thing in the morning before you eat. If you eat before you work out, your body will start burning the food you just ate, not your body fat. Also, some weight training for 15-20 minutes after you do cardio will help to burn off fat and tone your muscles(which hopefully you will soon be able to see once you get rid of the fat). Change what you eat. Don't eat junk food. Fast food, chips, soda(yes even diet). Try replacing meals like breakfast with protein shakes. Also, the 3 meal a day idea is perfectly designed to make you fat. Rather then eat 2-3 big meals, change it to 5-6 small meals throughout the day. It's been shown that you lose more weight this way as your body's metabolism is constantly churning, rather then giving it a chance to go into starvation mode where it will convert lots of food to fat. If you want to get super serious about it, you can check out this website: . It's basically a guy that documented himself and how he went from an average pudgy guy computer dork to a body builder(computer dork). It's a very good resource, complete with photos and a breakdown of his work out and meal plan. If you can stick with this plan, you'll lose 1-3 pounds a week safely, and start building up muscle. Do it for 3-4 months and you will be a lean machine.
  • Less food - more exercise.
  • Exercise more and ea more fruits & vegetables less fatty foods.
  • Put those head Phones on and go walking I lost 10lbs doing it I lost so much my co workers told me to ease up a bit I guess I was getting too thin so I went down to three times a week.But use this eat great loose the weight!! Oh yea and no pop( soda)
  • run, dont get discouraged if your not running fast enough or something just try to have a good time with it, turn your running into a game. also, i hear the wii fit is getting many people in shape, in fact i know a couple thats been on it two weeks, and lost 6 pounds each.

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