• Yes, I am surprised that George Walker Bush still gets 24% approval ratings. Bush is giving everyone the finger but a quarter of the population can’t see it.
  • No really, he gets what he deserves. Bush leads without the support of his citizens and yet he still believes he's doing the right thing.
  • Not one bit surprised
  • Not really. I live in the Bible belt. I'm never surprised by things like that.
  • Not at all, Bush is increasingly understood to be the worst president ever.
  • No. But can you imagine his approval rating is about 3X what the congress is.
  • I'm appalled at his approval rating. It makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with my spoiled, lazy, mouthy countrymen. I have a great love for my country, but I am growing weary of "Americans". Unemployment is hanging around 5% under our so called "inept leadership"... I guess the whiners and complainers don't remember the Ford/Carter years When it hovered around 8%. With 65% of a country dissatisfied with relatively low unemployment, the only thing I can think of is that 65% of the nation is pissed off because they have to work. I blame the media for the dissaproval. They hammer and hound on the bad things, but fail to ever show new schools going up, and public services being rendered in almost every town in this country. You crash your car into a power pole like a dumbass, and somewhere in this nation, a rescue service is provided to do their best to save you. But like most of the 65% who sit on their fat asses, watching the news in the Air conditioning eating twinkies, the emergency crew has to be careful, or else you'll sue them for saving you. I've seen it first hand, and it is disgraceful. The only way the president's approval rating is going to go up with this mindset, is if he arranges the delivery of fresh remote control batteries each month - along with a case of beer and a box of twinkies. What happened to "ask not what your country can do for you?" Now we stand around complaining about what we don't have - when in fact we have WAY too much. Maybe we should try giving instead of taking. I approve of my president. I do not approve of the situations we put ourselves in.
  • As low as it is, I'm still amazed that it's that high! I can't believe there's still anyone that supports him at all.
  • Could the 25% who still do approve all hold Haliburton stock or oil futures? I can't explain it any other way.
  • I'm very biased because I wouldn't like him if he was my next door neighbor . . . I simply cannot tolerate his personality and smirky, frat boy demeanor. That's my bias. However, I'm not at all surprised. He came to power this this gun slinging, kiss-my-ass attitude toward other countries like he was the genius of the world. The only reason he has an approval rating this high is because he doesn't say too much in public anymore.
  • Yeah, I'm surprised it's so high. I guess the 24% only adds up to blood-relatives and paid staffers.
  • I am still shocked that Congress gets a lower rating!

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