• The only thing that he has done is proven to me that he doesn't belong in the White House.
  • He hasn't convinced me
  • For those of you who voted for and continue to support George Bush, I want to thank you for voting in a man who has gotten us into a war that for all intensive purposes was for the right reasons. Only problem is, it was with the wrong country. Also look at the price of gasoline. Thanks again for voting for a Texas Oil man as president. I just love paying over 3 dollars a gallon for gas. Thanks Bush!!
  • He became a Republican and stood up to the Democrats. That is enough for me.
  • Nothing George Walker Bush has done has convinced me that my vote for Al Gore was wrong, and he has often made me question my desire to be an American.
  • I'm suddenly at a loss of words..... :P
  • I can't, and I keep thinking that Bush supporters, have managed to thoroughly blinker themselves into a distinct and verifiable alternate reality.
  • One thing about George W. Bush that I honestly respect is his conviction to his decisions despite polls, which I'd rather have than someone whose opinions and policies change like the tide. Don't get me wrong, his decisions have been wrong quite often, but at least he stands by them for the most part.
  • George Bush has shown any terrorist or terrorist nation that they should not mess with the United States. Since 9/11 US soil has not been attacked. I believe that you can thank Bush for that. They are going to try the same crap with Obama. Let's just hope he has the same balls Bush has.

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