• Ebay....... no money up front and legit business, you will have to do some work.
  • Most online sites are going to require a lot of work for very little return. If it was possible to make a living at it, we would all do it. My son says his ex-girlfriend used to get a lot of money from subscriptions to her web cam, but he didn't want to be very specific about what the cam saw.
  • You probably would be better advertising in your local paper to work at home typing or whatever. At least then you know who it is and I know the money is much better. A good place to advertise is at college's. Professors and students are always looking for someone to do typing.
  • Here's three that might help you. Everything these sites offer, though, all require cable or dsl connection!
  • Almost all sites that charge you upfront are scams. I'd suggest looking for data entry jobs locally. You may need to prove yourself in the company itself for a little while before working at home if you don't have a strong enough résumé. You could also try listing unused items on eBay, though it can be a bit of a hassle and will require a little money for the listing. After selling a few items and having positive feedback, you could offer to sell others' unwanted items and charging them upfront for the listing (more than what eBay charges will ensure a profit for you) and a commission based on the final sales price. If you're into crafting, can be a good place to sell.
  • If it costs money up front its most likely a scam.

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