• circles have sides?
  • draw a pentagon inside the circle then measure the its sides
  • If you are trying to draw a five-sided shape (pentagon) inside a circle, and you want all five sides to be equal, and all five corners to be touching the circle, here is what you do: You first need to find the center of the circle. Draw any random straight line through the circle. The part of the line which is inside the circle is called a "chord". Find the exact center of this chord. Draw a line at 90-degree angles to the chord. This new line is a diameter of the circle, and the center of this diameter is also the center of the circle. Use a protractor to measure angles from the center of the circle. Split the circle into five equal slices. Since the whole circle is 360 degrees, each slice will have to be 1/5 of 360 degrees.
  • As you set up your candles set them in the form of a pentagram and have them stand at the candles. This will still create a circle, but it will be a pentagram instead of a regular circle.

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