• If I tell you my secret..will you promise not to tell anyone else. Spam or junk mail creeps by people who download from various websites. I have had enough of this so I made another account and not DOWNLOAD ANYTHING AT ALL.
  • No secret...I don't sign up for emails. I also NEVER open or reply to any email that appears to be spam. I report every single one to the FTC, mark them as spam and then delete them. I create rules in certain email programs/accounts to filter them. I still get the occasional one here and there, but not like a lot of people I know.
  • LOL! I can't stop them! But I do remove them from my inbox without reading them.
  • I can't stop it but, I have 3 different e-mail for family and close friends, one that I use to sign up for accounts that I use like AB, MySpace, Facebook, etc...and one that I use purely for stuff when you are required to enter your e-mail address but, you know you're going to get spam from it...I rarely ever check that account because that's where 99% of my spam goes.
  • but I want a big member and cheap Vi@g@r@,
  • I have many e-mail addresses and most get spam. I even get spam at a couple I have never given out. I just delete it when I identify it as such and tag it as spam so that future e-mails from the same source go into my junk mail box. It is only a minor annoyance and small price to pay for being available.
  • Avoid entering contests, completing surveys & sending for info/catalogs/free stuff.
  • I used to get about 8 "wedding tackle" enlargement product emails every day. I don't know how someone found out and started sending them, but, I now use "Barracuda"... And it has all but stopped the problem. You still have to be careful, because it will weed out emails from your friends until you "whitelist" them.

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