• I saw a segment on t.v the other day about a simlar incident, the t.v. vet said, use a chop stick, hope this helps ya!
  • just watch for mthe rise and fall of the kittens cheats if u cant tell it probably is dead just pick it up if its cold then its probs dead
  • get a pair of gloves, preferably with powder on them, rub you hands ( with the gloves on ) all over the mother, then pick up the baby, blow on it lightly, and if it does not react the slightest to that (it should because they are so sensitive when young) then im afraid you have lost on, you must do this straight away, because leaving a dead baby in there will contaminate the rest of the kits... hope this helps!
  • just cull the little bugger
  • well, i hope it's ok, but i reccomend using a glove or mitten and check her/him.... I hope it's ok...:/
  • Get some vanilla and rub it ALL over your hand than on the mom and then on ALL the babies. Then you can touch the baby without the mother abondoning it. Hope he/she is okay!!!
  • We touch our babies everyday - just a quick check. And we never have trouble with mothers rejecting the babies. We have been raising and showing for some time now and the other people we show with said touching them does not cause trouble. So far it has not caused trouble for us. We get each one out make sure it looks okay and it has been fed. They will get noisy if hungry. Remember the mom will only feed once or twice a day and the rest of the time they avoid the nest (to protect them from preditors). Good Luck
  • BY ALL MEANS, TOUCH IT!!! sory im all emotional, but if u don't care for them, they will die. if u just got ur doe, u might not want to touch them, but if u have had a doe for a while, she will know ur smell, and not mind if its on her babies.
  • I've just spent an hour trying to keep my rabbits dead baby bunny warm and massaging its chest but it is definately dead. :-( they go cold pretty quickly.
  • It's okay to touch them. Rabbits will not reject their young if a human touches them, even wild rabbits don't do this. Touch them, take care of them just don't be a scary human. Move quietly, calmly. You can even take it out, make it warm, feed it, treat it and it will be okay with the doe.
  • will you can put a bag on your hand in pick it up or call the 411 person n ask them but that happened to my dog in i put a bag on my hand wen my dog was born but now they are 5 days old
  • I have been breeding rabbits since 1999 and i have never had a problem touching my kits. If i have a doe who is particularly moody then i just give her a good stoke before peeking into the nest. You have to check the nest to make sure there are no dead baby's in there as one dead kit decomposing in the nest is not good and you will be likely to lose the other kits.
  • do all you cn to keep it alive! whilst my friend was away she left me to take care of her bunnies but we didn't know one was pregnant! when i got there 2 had died- i was to late for them but i kept another alive by holding it to keep it warm and aking a nest for it and the mother. now the rabbit is fully grown and lives with me!

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