• well id say south korea is the better of the two korea's, they got some good home cooking though!
  • I thought the mainland was OK but I REALLY enjoyed the island of Jeju, S.K. and all its history and culture. A must see and do.
  • i am chinese and live in the united states. i had the chance to visit korea and japan last summer... what triggered me to visit korea? well.. as most ppl know, Korea is known to be one of the 'Top' in Asia.. along with Japan and Hong Kong and I really really really wanted to visit. let me just say...... YOU HAV TO VISIT.. it's insane. I didnt know Korea was "prettier" than Japan.. there are alot of cool things to buy and get. many Japanese people visit kOrea for that.. its a fact. oh man... also. you should see the people there :P .. ther effing good looking. if you wanna see good looking asians.. go to korea hahahahaha.. i notice many ppl make up stuff bout Korea's plastic surgery. i kinda see 'why that started' lol.. but yes. they are naturaly just really tall and slim and good looking ppl.... i just hope they act a bit nicer to the chinese pppl hahahah....^^ ; otherwise. GO TO KOREA..... you wont regret. i literally want to move there....
  • oh...for me S.Korea is a so so country to visit i had visit S.korea once there's alot of people whoes face look the SAME ! same for me means same! i had know that S.korea people usually plastic surgery right ? but okay, that make them look so.....good! Some people is so nice to me, but usually alot of them are not nice not nice for me mean, they look at me like i am the bacteria, some of them just แcut the line and looking at the newspaper that i but when i get it train-mono. i didn't see any of them! non of them! stand-up and let the old people sit!! I feel very bad about S.KOREA PEOPLE !!! but the country is nice ^-^ i want to go there again...but not to see korea people....i just......scare them....scare of them ^-^

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