• That is a curious question, why don't jews accept converts like christians and muslims do? And do we need an anthropolist to explain this one? My guess is that they don't want dilution, judism is a gene pool! And they want to remain separate and distinguished. Anyone who would convert out already did generations ago because there's no way back in. The result is a breed that's highly loyal to their religion, and as part of that loyalty they won't stand to be diluted by converts. That's just my guess.
  • Messianic "Judaism" is not a Jewish movement, so this question does not really belong in this category. While many members of the Messianic Jewish movement are themselves Jewish, their theology is essentially Christian. Accordingly, they oppose conversion to Judaism, as I guess any other Christian denomination would.
  • It is contrary to Jewish beliefs to proselyte. You can convert, but you must initiate the process and you must really want to convert. Jews do not seek to convert others. "Messianic Jews" have accepted Jesus Christ, they are therefore not Jews. Just the same as "Jews for Jesus" are not Jews either.
    • mushroom
      JfJ is a Baptist movement, founded by Moshe Rosen who felt unfulfilled in Jewish worship.

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