• i have a key to my personal space within the building, but not the building itself.
  • if it's after hours and there isn't a custodian handy, then you're out of luck.
  • not anymore
  • no!! I don't even have a house key!! I have relied on my garage door code, but that is one the fritz!! AAAAHHH!! I need a new door so I can have a key!! ( I know I can replace a lock, but while I am at it, I would like a new door as well!!)
  • That building is kinda open all the time so it's not really needed. I do have a key to my own desk though. But of course!
  • Oh I wish!!! After hours in burglar outfit I could lift about 2000 or more computers; only if! However I do not believe in crime so this is a complete lie since I am too honest and would never do such a thing. If anything I am very trustworthy and am very much respected by my peers where I work since I only produce the highest quality work and strive toward optimal customer satisfaction.
  • of sorts... an electronic key card. It grants me access to the building itself,and most departments, but some departments become restricted after a certain time.
  • I am self employed and run two small businesses from my home, so YES.
  • No it is not necessary there is Security
  • Yep. Sometimes I am the only one working. On the RARE occasion that my department needs to get shit done on weekends, they make me come in as, well, I practically AM my department. Since no other departments need to do anything, nobody else shows up. Not even the maintenance guy. That means I have to let myself in and out.

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