• Yeah, well, when a re-fill costs more than a printer, I would say it is a little over the top.
  • Yes definately. last time i brought a twin pack of the colour for about $60 i think i printed about 8 A4 size photoes and today i went to print up a document and their was none left gggggrrrrrrr. :)
  • I think the cost is ridiculous, I am going to try Walgreens new system of refills, It is suppose to be half price of a new one.
  • I agree , Walgreen's has it to where you can bring in your used cartridge and the will fill in for half the price -- And if you don't have a Walgreen's in your area , I'm sure other places are catching on and doing that as well - Shop around
  • I do. The trick is to by re-fillable ink cartridges - and to remember that shelling out a little more to start with on a more efficient printer will save you money in the long run.
  • If you think ink cartridges are too expensive, try having to shell out $80 for a new toner cartridge (for a laser printer).
  • Where do I sign? The prices are ridiculous!
  • I let a place called Ink Island to refill my empty ink cartridges twice, but it seemed like they did not refill it fully, and I ended up paying for so little refill. Each time I used the refill, it was empty faster than if I bought a new one. So never again will I get refills done by that place.
  • We need to have two printers... one to use with cheap refills and one to print more serious things only with refilled cartridges. With the recycling of the cartridges and services like refill mailers the price will hopefully fall. Perhaps it won't be long before companies in the refill/recycling business will start producing printers? Here is a token to the magnitude of the problem, an ever lasting refilling machine permanently attached to a printer so you never run out of ink! Continuous ink system as in
  • Everybody thinks that - it's got to the stage where it's almost as cheap to buy a printer as it is to buy replacement cartridges.
  • I paid about $200.00 for my Epson R200 printer 2 yrs ago and I print alot of color photo and even documents but in 2 yrs I have only went though 3 sets of ink and they cost me $53.00 at Sam's Club. And 1 extra black in all that time. When I bought this printer I looked around just for that reason, Epson & HP both have them where all colors are separate only replace what you use but always buy the color pack as its cheaper. if you buy them separate they are $17-20 each so times that by 6. I feel I get my moneys worth, but if I have alot of 4x6 to do I put on a jumpdrive and take down to wal-mart and pay .46cents each and save my printer. also great for travel too.
  • Yes, they are. That's why refilling and remanufacturing came about. So, that printer users can have cheaper alternative. For affordable remanufactured toner cartridges or inkjet cartridges that are designed and tested to meet OEM standards, check out .
  • I think most people would agree.
  • Yes, the ink cartridges are way too expensive when compared to the cost of the printer itself
  • They've ALWAYS been very expensive. We are lucky now that laser printers are much more affordable than in the past. (Though the higher-quality lasers - by which I mean: 1200 x 1200 DPI B&W - are still a little expensive.) IF you're not printing photos, get a laser printer or a laser MFC. Toner is MUCH cheaper per page than is inkjet ink. If you ARE printing photos, consider a photo "developer" (print) shop instead of doing it at home with your very-expensive-ink photo-quality inkjet printer. If you need frequent color printout but do NOT need photo quality, again I say: look to lasers. Color toner is MUCH cheaper per page than is inkjet ink.

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