• No, I think it is so wrong for illegal aliens to enter the US and use all of our resources!!
  • No. If i had up front information, that a person i was about to hire was an illegal immigrant, i would be endorsing his crime of violating the federal immigration law. I am for any person becoming a United States citizen. Just abide by the law and do it legally.
  • Yes, they need jobs as well work is work... why should it matter where you come from? asking the basic questions to see if one has general knowledge and experience is all you really need. Most I see are hard workers as well that dont get paid enough.
  • I would not.
  • 4-2-2017 If you eat fruits and veggies, they likely were picked by illegal aliens. Hawaii has music because of illegal aliens. Hawaiian yodeling is Austrian yodeling. It was brought to Mexico by an Austrian emperor and transported to Hawaii by Mexican cowboys working around San Diego. In 1830 the king of Hawaii went to San Diego looking for some cowboys. Of course he got a bunch of Mexicans, and some of them played guitars, and some sang in Spanish or Portuguese or Austrian yodeling. Hawaiians were blown away: they had never heard music. Their traditions were all based on chanting. So some islanders started learning this new instrument, and some learned to make them, and some learned to sing the way the cowboys did. And that's why Hawaii has so many superb guitar players, and some traditional Hawaiian songs have Portuguese words.

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