• I haven't tried it, but I wouldn't. I attempted one weekend to do one of those liquid diets, but couldn't take it. It's no way to "eat." it's not normal. it's boring. they don't work. you may pee and have diarhea a lot with them, and that might be why some lose several pounds really fast. the only GOOD diet is a sensible diet with normal foods and some kind of exercise. I have been on Weight Watchers and made it to my goal and and to Lifetime. I have lost 80 lbs. It's all about portion control and cutting down fat. My doctor, like most others, told me this was one of the healthiest diets around. AND it works! I didn't have to give up anything, or take pills are drink freaky liquids. It's a diet you can do long term. I also now have normal bp and cholesterol levels, too.
  • I tried it about 2 months ago. It tastes so horrible and smells and looks worse. It has pepper in it so even if you try to plug your nose and down it you can feel your mouth/throat burn. You have to drink a medium glass of it like 3 + times a day. I would not recomend it. It is awfull. I didn't get any results from it because I returned it to GNC after 2 days of doing the diet(they have an excellent retun policy). So I guess if you want to try it you can always return it if your not satisfied if you go to GNC. But I would not recommend it. It tastes like dirty dish water with pepper.
  • Have your wife watch the documentary "Super Skinny Me" Two normal women choose to used fad diets to see if they really work- with the goal of reaching a size zero in 4 weeks. One of the women does the master cleanse and she almost goes insane. She also develops borderline annorexia/bulemia in just a few weeks. It's a very eye opening documentary. The results aren't worth the heart ache. If you want to find a great resourse for you and your wife - check out You can join for free and see other people just like you working out and eating right to reach their goals. Lots of support. It's awesome. Good luck!

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