• I agree. I used to work for a company doing computer crime investigations. I never could really stomach things like child porn but once my son was born I really couldn't handle it.
  • Of course. If you have no children, they pose no threat to you. If you are a victim of sexual abuse from when you were a child, you may feel threatened.
  • Not in all cases. I don't have any children and the mere thought of this happening drives me insane.
  • I think it is impossible to say for certain. I have no children...but I get pretty upset by pedophiles!
  • I disagree from a personal level. I don't have children but let me tell you. I can't stand pedophiles and would gladly tear them limb from limb myself.
  • Pedophilia is 100% wrong, of course. But I agree in that many people do identify more easily with problematic issues or someone else's plight when they can relate to it first hand. Nobody in their right mind, specially parents would like to see their own or any children for that matter to experience something this awful.
  • Of course they do and those of us that have been there are even worse. I would say without a doubt I have a rabid hatred of anyone that even looks at a child sideways. Any decent people loathe peodophiles even if they have never come into contact with them.
  • yeh in a way but what about thoes who have been raped and dont have kids (me) i think they are just as upset about there being pedophiles as the people with kids maybe even more do you agree?
  • Oh I do agree! When you are a parent your mind goes into over load when your child is out of your sight for one minute especially if you have been abused as a child. I check the internet to see which abusers live near me and much more aware when a van or car is slowing down on my street where kids are playing. You check...double check whose house they go in ....the list goes on and on.
  • Yes, people with children have daily experience of the fragility their children's innocence and how very precious that innocence is. It will get stolen from them soon enough just by living in this world. The idea that it can be ripped from them is terrifying. When you think of the some of the things that happened to you as a child and how very minor some of them seem now. Then think of how even those very minor things shaped you, the thought of the consequences of your child being molested almost paralyze you.
  • Yeah...probably because they don't want them near their kids!
  • Agree.
  • I'm sure that's the case, although I bet people with young nieces and nephews must come a pretty close second.
  • I am not sure. There are many people who get involved in causes without actually having experience in that area. They just know what is wrong, and pedophilia is.
  • No, I disagree. I don't have any children but when I hear these horror stories about children being abducted and abused it makes me feel phsyically sick. I feel the same when I hear terrible stories about old people being ill-treated too (and I don't have grandparents)
  • Not always, but in general I agree because they fear that their own child will be a victim and therefore it becomes personal.
  • I think people are bound to be more sensitive to the atrocity of something when they can empathise with *Why* it's such an atrocity. People with children can obviously imagine the impact being the victim of a pedophile can have on a child much more readily than people who haven't had any experience with children, but I don't think it's necessarily true. I don't have children and frankly never plan to, but the mere thought of pedophilia really upsets me and cuts me to the figurative bone because the pain and scars left by sexual abuse have touched my life indirectly through a close friend and loved one who had to endure it as a child. And, although it's a terrifying thing to consider, I'm sure many active pedophiles out there in the world *Have* children of their own. So obviously, there are some major exceptions to your rule on both sides.
  • Now that it has finally been brought out in the open , by T.V. I think that could go both ways , though people with children should be more cautious and I'm sure nowadays they are
  • I'm not sure I relate to the question of degree with paedophia - its just wrong. Yes, parents probably get more angsty about it because of the personal fear they might have driven by their instict to protect their kids - but the questions makes me feel that others may think it is not serious or in the same class as shoplifting or being promiscuous. I do not think that is the case - everyone I knows abhors it, parent or not.
  • I don't agree at all. I think at least I hope that all of society would be upset at the thought of an adult abusing a child no matter what type of abuse it was.
  • I'm sure everyone gets upset by it, but parents feel very personally about it. Once you have a child, it is very difficult to see and hear about horrible things happening to other children because they can now imagine that happening to their own child and it's even more horrifying.
  • It is highly likely because your emotions are linked in there a lot more maybe
  • My father is a phedophile, so im offended by them and i dont have kids. hmm i believe this argument can go both ways. I personally dislike them but someone who doens't know what its like to have a son/daughter get molested don't care until it happens. Sometimes they do, depends from person to person.

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