• The answer to this question can go two ways. l. have you investigated this area, to make sure no new speed limits signs have been posted? Did the officer check your speed, in a lower speed limit area, and only stopped you in the higher speed limit area? 2. if after checking the area and you believe you are correct, maybe the officer did make a mistake. they are human. go to court on your court date and explain the circumstances. also, a photo of the traffic stop location, would be good evidence for court. try to photograph a posted speed limit sign.
  • Most counties have a set speed limit i.e. "45MPH unless otherwise posted". So, if there was no sinage for at least a mile, you may have exceeded the set limit in that county. Can you have the citation dismissed? Perhaps. If no device i.e. radar was used, once they find you guilty all you have to do is appeal the decision. Within weeks you will get a notice that the case has been dismissed. Why, you ask? Because they will not seat a jury for a traffic violation based on just the officer's testemony.
  • It absolutely will but you will have to have a credible piece of evidence that shows what you claim is true. There might be maps identifying speed limits on major streets available somewhere in your city. Do some research. You could even drive that distance with a phone video running to show there are no speed limit signs that support the ticket.

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