• Kindness and decency.
  • Health, grace, and confidence combined with a natural subtlety. Also gentleness, strength, integrity and the ability to genuinely care about others.
  • My concept of beauty is skewed by the fact that I am the only person that I actually like. So...I am my own concept of beauty. That has to be the most egocentric thing I've ever said.
  • In a person? It is something that comes from within. There is a little beauty in everyone, and a lot of beauty in some. Sadness and anger don't negate beauty, they sometimes just make it harder to 'see'. In life? Beauty can be found when you least expect it. In the most unlikely of places. I try not to have any pre-judgment on beauty! My concept of beauty changes with every new discovery of it!
  • A smile that lights up the person's eyes. Some smiles can be so empty and fake, but a real one - that is killer.
  • I answered this some time back in another form of a question but I still say that beauty is a person who cares about others, helps others, does not brag about themselves and is passionate and considerate. Looks alone cannot accomplish all that.
  • Beauty is skin deep, it is within a person reflecting on the outside.
  • Anyone I love, like, meet...I can admire good looks from afar..but for me, real beauty is nothing you can see..because what you see can be manufactured (plastic surgery, hair extensions, makeup, surgery to take away some bones around the waist to make it smaller..). So real, natural, unenhanced "beauty" is what I go for..not the stuff you have to do or apply on the outside. :)
  • That something special that I can never seem to define about someone or something.
  • Beauty to me is about a whole lot more than just what is visable to the naked eye. It's about what's in the heart as well. Things like kindness,selflessness,caring,compassion, ability to love without conditions etc to me anyway are what makes someone beautiful moreso than just what is visable on the outside. A person can be very physically beautiful but extremely ugly inside. Things like cruel uncaring uncompassionate only able to love with conditions attached. These things make someone a very ugly person inside. When it comes right down to it I would pick the physically unattractive yet spiritually beautiful person any day of the week over one who is physically beautiful but ugly inside.
  • I must quote antoine de sant exupery (translated from french) "it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."
  • Just being yourself and being nice to someone. Beauty isn't a physical thing to me. Its all in the heart.
  • Character.
  • uniqueness....either physical/, everyone is beautiful (i.e. everything) in their own way except the fake
  • Clear consciouness.
  • A clear consciousness.
  • A good human being with good intentions, good personality, kind and compassionate.
  • something unique
  • The engine powering north american economy, every one wants beauty, power and skills.
  • Beauty isn't about how you look, we've established that. Beauty to me is the way all the elements combine to form that persons identity in a way that brings you pleasure at the mention of their name. The way they smell in the morning, the way they react to something amazing, the way the burst into laughter, the way they show their emotions, the way the walk, the way they lean when they're bored, the way they adjust their clothes when they think nobody's looking, the way their voice modulates from powerful to soft. All those sorts of things can contribute to our perception of their beauty.

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