• Make a whole lot of money, and give her 100 dollars a day for free spending, perhaps.
  • By having a lucrative job and by giving her a decent weekly allowance of money that gets put into her own bank account.
  • Earn lots of money and provide her with adequate funds for retail therapy.
  • YOUR woman should feel financially secure enough to stay at home. Guess who should give her that feeling of security.
  • You don't convince "your" woman to be a housewife. If it is important to you that your wife doesn't have a paying job, you marry a woman who WANTS to be a housewife. You don't try to change someone who wants to be something else. That's not only arrogant but ignorant, and neither of you will be happy with the result.
  • It shouldn't be that you convince her to be a housewife. Just suggest it and see what happens. If she refuses, just think about if the situation was reversed on you. If she asked you to be a stay-at-home dad, how would you be feeling? My friend is dealing with a similar situation. Her boyfriend is trying to convince her to give up her dreams of being a marine biologist and told her that he wants 10 kids and for her to stay home and take care of the kids. She is a very ambitious person and settling down before she begins is simply not an option for her.
  • You DON'T convince any woman as to what she should do in your opinion! They have their own brain and they are much better at using it than we are.
  • Women do not belong to men, you cannot claim private ownership over a human being (this applies to your children as well). You don't 'convince' her - you ask her. We need to stop thinking like public relations firms.
  • You send her to a hypnotist that will use mind control on her and then you will have a "Stepford Wife".
  • There is no way I could convince my wife to do so. Housewife is a full time job... A job that you can never really get away from (like a conventional 8-5 job where you get to throw it down and walk out the door for the evening).
  • You don't. I have that situation, I have always wanted more stimulation than I would get staying at home. If the person does not have the temperament to stay at home it would be a disservice to the relationship to try to force the issue.
  • Tell her she doesn't have to work or worry about the bills!
  • As I said to Nitroduck, if Hubby ever tried to 'convince' me, it would have killed the deal. I do suggest, however, retraining yourself to use a more respectful language in regard to your partner for starters. When you use words like "woman" the way you have in your question, then it implies ownership. *frowns* Also, it will help to show respect for the job of managing your household. As for myself, I much prefer the term "Homemaker", rather than "Housewife".
  • you have to make her feel secure with you providing 100% for her. it's really that simple.
  • There is no way to convince her. It's up to her if that is her desire and if that is where it would bes server the families best interests as discussed by both of you. But if you are looking just to get a maid, you're out of luck
  • 6-2-2017 If you have to convince her, get rid of her.
  • You don't. You choose a woman who WANTS to be a housewife.

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