• I don't know that is very interesting.
  • so they can wear TWO hats! :D
  • As a photographer, I like all kinds of heads. They each generate their own poses and flow. Are you talking about just fashion models?
  • I haven't heard of this much until now (I'm more of a landscape and still life photographer than portrait), but I would assume that it has something to do with the fact that heart-shaped faces are symmetrical, have gentler, more flowing outlines, and are therefore easier to compose an attractive portrait around than a round or oblong head would be. Not all genres of people photography stick to this rule though, mostly the "Heart Shaped Face" thing is a rule of thumb for fashion photographers and those trying to make their models look conventionally "Beautiful". An experienced, versatile photgrapher should be able to work with any shape of head and have the shot turn out just as well.
  • It diminishes the appearance of the effect of gravity and gives the impression that the model is younger. When the mass of the face is lower centered, the impression is that the face has "fallen" over time, and that the model is older and/or in poorer health. With the "center of mass" still up high on the face, the model hasn't attained sufficient age for the face to "fall". This is all superficial, of course, but that's the nature of this sort of photography.
  • Because if you haven't noticed most photographers are weird.
  • Because it shows that they are thinner than someone with a double-chin?
  • I have a heart shaped head and I've gotten that alot. I think they like a heart shaped face because it gives you a nice facial structure to make the clothes look better (personally I think a square face looks more sophisticated).
  • the heart shaped head take the eyes off of the imperfections of the body
  • well of course it looks so much better than having a bubble head and it brings out the face and lines all of the edges it also brings out the facial structure and looks way more stylish thana fat face
  • yeah, i know. you hear that all the time on shows like America's next top Model. i think its for better angles....
  • I think it makes the face look younger and more innocent/genuine... though that's just my guess. don't take it seriously if you're looking for a professional answer.
  • Er, I don't... I perfer unique features / flaws - they give you character
  • so they get sucked
  • Because head-shaped hearts don't photograph well.
  • heart shaped faces make for good symmetry in photography
    • BRG
      I always thought is was the oval face shape that was most preferred........heart shaped faces are weird looking, at least to me!!!
  • i dont know!! when you say this i think of the girl/singer brandy. that girl looks like shes straight off the mothership and expecting someone to take her to our leader. i hope she comes in peace.
  • Not all photographers
  • I think you may be referring to a heart-shaped face rather than a heart shaped head a heart shaped head would indicate a deformity or trauma of some sort.
  • have no idea where you heard that but don't think it's true.....I used to teach at a modeling school and worked with different photographers.......the one thing they like is wide-set eyes, and generally light eyes, but then the photographer is paid to shoot photos, not tell a client what type of model to use............and I think you mean 'heart-shaped face,' no???

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