• I prefer the hard copy. I have one on my desk right now.
  • It is hard to whack bugs with the online dictionary, not to mention how expensive it is replacing all those laptops.
  • I use on-line dictionary when on-line; I always have a window open with a dictionary. If not I use a regular dictionary book.
  • I go to and search . define:word . (with the colon) it searches multiple dictionary's, and puts them all in one nice page.
  • Hard copy. I'm not really a techie. Honestly, I'm still struggling to put videos and photos on my answers here.
  • I use the online dictionary when I'm online (or spell-check). now that you mention it, I can't find my's around here somewhere.
  • I use the online dictionary because I am lazy.
  • I use like it's my job!
  • When online I will use the online Dictionary and when I'm not out comes the big old book.
  • I do use dictionaries online, but there is nothing better than sitting down with the REader's Digest Complete Wordfinder on your lap. It has everything, derivations, synonymsm, antonyms....oh joy. LOL
  • I try the old-fashion way, hard copy even if I'm on line. Half the time I cant find my hard copy so I have to do it the new-fashion way which is online.
  • I am not even sure if we own a always use but from an answer to this question I have learned to use! VGQ+ -Buddy
  • ooh...tough question...I may prefer the book, but it takes a lot longer. If I need an exact definition, I would probably go to a book for the meaning because you truthfully can't trust everything on the internet....but I would say most of the time, it's not bad. I would probably use an online dictionary more for a quick reference to a word that I encounter online or as I read a book while AB'ing at the same time....
  • I have my computer with me more often than I do a book so I use what's handy.
  • When I'm on the computer, I just look it up online. If I'm not, why bother turning it on just to look up a word? I use both methods.
  • I now avoid paper as much as possible. If there was a virtual asswipe I would use it.
  • Once upon a time, I had a computer where I had to wait at least 5 minutes to have it working. At that time, it still has made sense to look at a papier dictionary. Now I have a laptop with power management, and it usually takes less than 10 seconds to have it working and online. So, as long as everything is working, I don't need the books. Moreover, on the computer, I have direct access to the whole internet knowledge, not only one book.
  • I use both. It is helpful to double-check. On tricky problems, I might consult several dictionaries.
  • It depends. If it's an English word, I will usually look for it online and if I am not online I will just look it up next time I am. If it's in Dutch, I will use either an online dictionary or my book depending if I am online. If it's in another language, then I use a dictionary-translator program I own. Complicated answer... sorry! LOL.
  • I am super lazy most of the time so I am constantly using an online dictionary.
  • In the future all our brains will be link together, and think in pictures more than words. For now I use both, but am more with the on-line.
  • i'll usually go online but i could use either one
  • I have 3 resouces I trust and one sort of, online only because its faster and gives me more options and sometimes one is more thorough than the other. I sometimes use a specialized law dictionary or real estate dictionary. Merriam-Webster A pronouncing dictionary where someone can hear the word verbalized Wikitionary

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